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All about FreeStuff.Cafe

Welcome to FreeStuff.Cafe! I’m John Clark the founder of this website. I am a technology enthusiast, developer and founder of the popular free samples website Yo! Free Samples.

Finding deals and promo codes online has always been part of the freebie hunt – and a time-consuming process. So, I figured out a better way to organize current freebies, contest promotions and limited time deals from major US retailer sites like Amazon and Walmart.

But that’s not all. There are thousands of freebies, sweepstakes and promotions online every day. To make it easier to find the ones you want, you need to cut through the noise. At FreeStuff.Cafe, you can select filters relevant to each type of promotion to find the promotion you are looking for.

I am building this to be my own personal promotions search engine, and I hope it brings value to your deal searching as well.

Sign up and give us a try. And happy freebie + deal hunting!